Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Huahine Entry

After only a few hours of sleep we both woke up eager to see what was outside of our balcony!  I had heard that the entry into the Huahine bay was gorgeous and worth getting up to see, and with a peek around the corner of the balcony showing land we quickly threw on some clothes and headed up on deck, cameras in hand.  A few other guest had the same idea and we all enjoyed the brilliant blue waters contrasting with the gorgeous green of the island.  Thanks to our brief research on Cruise Critic, Brian and I knew that we could go all the way forward on deck 8 to a small viewing “balcony” on the front of the ship (go through even though the door says “Emergency Exit”).  This view became our private vantage point as the ship entered the gorgeous bay.  Lush green vegetation topped by pillows of white clouds surrounded us as the ship passed through the inlet making it's way to the center of the bay.  This is one entry that is definitely worth setting your alarm for. 

Huahine before entry

Entering the bay
Island views!

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